Frequently Asked Questions

Discover all you need to know about your stay at Rules Beach with our comprehensive FAQ page. Get answers to your questions about accommodations, amenities, and activities. Ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit by learning about our camp facilities, booking policies, and more. Ideal for planning your perfect beach getaway!

Arrival and Departure

Can I arrive earlier that 2pm?

While we appreciate you would like to start your holiday before 2pm we kindly ask you to stick to the 2pm arrival time. We are a very small team and between 10am and 2pm we are cleaning and getting the facilities and your site ready for your arrival. If for some reason you need to arrive before the 2pm arrival time please call the day before so that we can attend to your site as soon as it is vacated, early arrival fee may occur, and you will be informed at the time of request.

What is the latest I can arrive?
For the enjoyment of all guests your arrival must be by 6pm.
What are your office hours?
8.30am to 10am and again 2pm to 4.00pm peak times may vary.


Do you have a camp kitchen?
Yes, we do have a fully equipped camp kitchen onsite.
Do you have laundry facilities?

Yes, we have 3 washer / dryer combos.

Do you have a dump point?

Yes, we do have an accessible dump point for our guest to use.

Do you have TV reception?
We are still working on this, but you are able to use the flat screen TV in the camp kitchen or if you have a smart tv you can login using our wifi.
Do you have potable water?
Yes, all sites have potable water.

Policies and Rules

Do you allow Dogs?
Yes, we have several dog friendly sites allocated at the park, Dogs must be on leads at all times or contained within your site or in a suitable manner to ensure no dog is able to roam into other campers’ sites. Dogs must be picked up after and poop disposed of in a rubbish bin.
Can I have a fire?
Yes, we have a large communal fire pit located at the camp kitchen for our guests to use. No fires are to be lit on your site.
Can I fly a drone?
No sorry for the serenity and privacy of all guests, drones are not permitted to be flown within the grounds. However, you are more than welcome to use these on the beach.
Can I drive on the beach?
Yes, you can no permit is needed but you must stay below the high tide mark please see regulations at entry for beach access.
Are you owned by BIG4?
No, we are privately owned and operated. BIG4 is a marketing cooperative.
Do you have a noise curfew?
Yes, we do for the enjoyment of all guest noise must be kept at a minimum from 9pm and must cease by 10pm.


Is there WIFI and Phone reception?
We have good 4G phone reception and Starlink WIFI installed throughout the park.

Location and Directions

How do I find you coming from Brisbane?
Travel the highway to Bundaberg then head out toward 1770/Anges Waters, you will turn off at the Baffle Creek turnoff. Follow Rosedale Road then turn right onto hills road follow that to the end, turn right onto coast road and stay on that until you come to Rules Beach Road.
How do I find you coming from Gladstone/1770?
Turn off at Miriam Vale, follow fingerboard road to the end, right into tablelands, left onto cross, left onto websters, end of websters right into Taunton, Taunton left onto hills, over the bridge, turn right onto coast.

Additional Amenities

Is there food onsite?
Yes, we have a small supply of items for purchase at our office including Ice, Bait, Swap&Go Gas, Ice creams. Our local pub is only 10 mins down the road, which also has a takeaway shop. Baffle creek also has a small convenience store. The closest supermarket is at Anges Waters about 45 mins away or Bundaberg 1.5hrs away.
Do you have concrete slabs?
No, we have lovely lush green grass sites.
Do you have a playground?
No sorry but we do have a box of games in the camp kitchen.
Do you have a pool?
No sorry no pool or water park onsite. But we do have a beautiful beach out the front.